UPVC Double Glazed Windows

Derbyshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester

UPVC Double Glazed Windows in High Peak, Derbyshire

UPVC windows are the most popular choice for customers in the UK, offering a combination of comfort, style and a high level of security.

One of the many benefits of UPVC windows is that they come in a wide range of colours and finishes. This means that we can tailor your windows to suit you and our highly skilled craftsmen will make them to your individual specification. After all, your home should represent your style.

British weather is unpredictable, which is why it’s important that your home can provide you with the insulation that you need. Our windows are made with flexibility in mind to ensure warmth and comfort are a top priority, with a whole host of innovative glazing options available.

At Peak Taylorglaze, we understand that a high-quality window should improve the energy efficiency of your home too. We create windows that are double-glazed and fully sealed using the latest technology and materials – so you can enjoy the lovely view as well as the peace and quiet!

Features and benefits of UPVC Double Glazing Windows

All Peak Taylorglaze UPVC windows are aesthetically pleasing while being made with the highest quality components and the latest generation of double-glazing technology. Our windows are robust, offering maximum security, they are also resilient and easy to operate.

All UPVC windows have internal drainage channels and are reinforced with galvanised steel where additional strength is needed. An easy clean facility is available on all side opening windows. Locking handles come as standard, plus multi-point high-security mechanisms. There is a full choice of frame colours including a traditional wood effect. ‘A’ rated is standard on all our UPVC windows and the multi-chamber internal frame construction provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation efficiency.

Energy rating of UPVC Double Glazed Windows

Our UPVC windows combine all the exceptional heat-preserving properties of top-quality Peak Taylorglaze double glazing.

Peak Taylorgalze energy-rated windows use a new generation glass on the inner pane, which quite literally reflects heat back into the room. The outer pane comprises of a specially-formulated, ultra-clear glass. This ‘white glass’ allows both more light and heat to pass through the window and into your home, maximising the amount of free warmth you get from the natural sunlight.

All our windows have a boucle weather seal and a solid guarantee on all elements of the window, meaning no leaks, gaps, draughts or other issues that will allow heat to escape from your home and cause escalating heating bills.

Peak Taylorglaze can provide you with the ultimate in energy efficiency with our UPVC double-glazed windows.

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Colours, finishing and glazing of UPVC Windows

Your UPVC windows will be styled to reflect the elegance of your home, shades range from the traditional white or cream through to wood effect finishes which look like authentic timber. Colours options are endless and can be matched to your exact preference using our specialist colour matching service. The colour is applied as a special spray that bonds superbly with the UPVC giving an extra protective layer that doesn’t chip, flake or crack. The colour is guaranteed, as with all UPVC Peak Taylorglaze windows, to stay weatherproof for 10 years.

A full choice of beautiful handle styles are available plus you can have a wide range of glass designs including leaded lights, obscure glass and Georgian bars. With such a wide range of choices and materials it’s a bonus that the craftsmen at Peak Taylorglaze have years of experience to guide and help you. We’ll consider your style, taste and budget to ensure you are delighted with the transformation of your home.

Installer of UPVC double glazed windows throughout Derbyshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester